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We know that choosing the right course can sometimes be confusing. Don't worry. We will sort this out for you. Just read the next para and you will understand...

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 If you want to build a real career in Stock Markets then opt for one of My Multibagger Workshops. If you just want to learn the concepts of Multibagger Stock Selection then opt for our Value Investing and Fundamental Analysis Course. In case you have that appetite for risk and want to become a successful Trader, then select our Technical Analysis Course. 

Still confused... Just relax, we are here to help. There are 2 ways to remove this confusion. First, select our Multibagger Workshop and you will learn everything about Value Investing, Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis along with educational research reports my fresh Multibagger Investments. Still not sure? Call us on 7668182156 (10 a.m. to 5 p.m.) and our experts will guide you through. 




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Our Courses contain pre-recorded videos, Live-Sessions (optional), PDF notes, MCQs, Real Chart Analysis and much more. In addition to all this knowledge, if you ever feel the need of some additional chapter or video which is not there in the course, then just drop a comment in your profile with details of what you want to be included more, and we will include that chapter and video at the earliest - for no additional charge. What's more, the video that you request will automatically be added to the course of all the other students of that course. So now you can learn and grow with others as a very big learner's community. One man's doubt is everyone's benefit...


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Your course is completely dynamic and totally under your control. You just ask for an additional chapter or video, and we will make it for you at the earliest. So your course keeps on growing with your requirements...
We just have one aim - to make you an Expert Investor and Trader in Stock Markets!!
Remember, YOU and WE are a TEAM...

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100% Successful Multibagger Stock Selection Process

Multibagger Stock Selection is a complicated process requiring both theoretical knowledge and practical experience. This difficult concept can only be taught by someone who himself is a successful investor. Dr. Raghav has a an impeccable track record in selecting Great Multibagger Stocks again and again...! Now you can learn from the master himself.

Simple Language

All the courses are in very simple language. You need not be from finance or commerce background to understand everything about Stock Markets. Dr. Raghav has simplified this process for learners and investors so that anyone can learn and start a successful investing journey. Don't stop yourself from learning everything about the stock markets. There is no secret to successful investing. There is only knowledge...

Meticulously Structured Courses

All our courses are on the pattern of SEBI, NISM and NSE educational guidelines. These Courses are highly organised and extremely fluid in transition from one chapter to another. There is immense knowledge and learning in each of the videos of our Courses. Investors just need to spend 15-20 minutes daily with the videos of the Course to learn and grasp all the secrets of the Stock Markets...

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Just a snapshot of our student testimonials. You will find much more in the Testimonials Section.

The course includes a very detailed explanation and is very simple to understand. I really like the way Raghav sir explains complex terms in a very simple language and with examples. The quality of the course really surpassed my level of expectation. 

Mr. Monojeet, College Student

I would highly encourage for the people who want to grow their wealth independently in the financial markets, must have this course as it is explained from very basic level. I decided to involve my son of 18-years old to take part in this course as one more valuable subject with ongoing studies. And he is very much impressed about Raghav Sir’s explanations like a professor. Thank you Raghav Sir for your efforts towards Value Investing. 

Mr. Ram, Hyderabad

In order to equip us with adequate knowledge and make us self reliant, Raghav sir has come up with this beautiful course modules. A simple and easy way of teaching fundamentals and nuances of stock markets. Any beginner in the stock market will come out as an experienced investor after completion of the course. I profusely thank you sir for all the painstaking efforts put by you to enrich us with knowledge. 

Mr. Suresh

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