About US

My name is Dr. Raghav Kumar. I am: 

 1. NISM Certified Investment Adviser 

(Both Level 1 and Level 2), 

 2. NISM Certified Research Analyst, and 

 3. NISM Certified Mutual Fund Distributor. 

We Indians are very hard working and very intelligent. But our per-capita income is just ₹1,35,000 (One Lakh Thirty-Five Thousand only) or less than 2000 dollars per year. That is hardly ₹11,500 per month! 

In contrast, USA has a per-capita income of around 70000 dollars (Seventy Thousand dollars) or ₹49,00,000 (Rupees Forty-Nine Lakhs) per year!! 

 As the legendary investor Mr. Warren Buffet has said, ‘If you want to get rich then think of a way to make money while you sleep.’ Only stock markets give us this opportunity to make money while we sleep. 

By investing in the right stocks, we can be relaxed and watch our stocks grow. Problem is that Indian investors are not properly informed about the financial markets. We Indians are very ambitious but spend very less time and effort in learning about the stock markets. 

 So, I ask you this question – Do you want to be rich? If your answer is ‘YES’, then come and join me. Together we will learn everything about the Stock Markets, Fundamental Analysis, Value Investing, Multibagger Stock Selection, Technical Indicators, Mutual Funds, Penny Stock Selection, and much more. 

 Start your investing journey today by joining our Value Investing Course and rise above others in the Stock Markets. Come on, together….Let’s Get Rich!!