Value Investing and Fundamental Analysis

32 Videos, Simple Language, Detailed Study of Fundamental Analysis, PDF Notes, MCQ Questions

Language: Hindi

Instructors: Dr. Raghav Kumar

Validity Period: 365 days

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Why this course?


In India less than 2% people are able to earn profits from the stock markets. This is because most of the investors don’t have proper knowledge about stock selection. Such investors are easily misguided by promises of daily profits. This often results in heavy losses of hard-earned money.

I have designed this course for everyone who wants to earn profits from investing in Stock Markets.

Whether you are a student, a businessman, a housewife, a professional, a retired person, a doctor, an engineer, a pilot, a hotelier, or anyone who wants to learn everything about how to select Multibagger Stocks, then the Value Investing Course is for you.

Don’t worry about your busy routine. All you need is just 15 minutes every day and within a few days you will become master of Multibagger Stock Selection. 

In addition to the detailed video lectures, you will also be given descriptive PDF Notes to study each and every concept. Even if you don’t want to read the PDF notes, you can simply watch the video lectures again and again till you understand the concepts properly.

The Value Investing Course covers everything about Financial Markets. If we want to be successful in the Stock Markets, we need to learn everything about them.

In this course you will learn everything from the basic to the most advanced concepts of Multibagger Stock Selection. Multibagger Stock selection is a very complicated process and requires thorough and in-depth knowledge. In this course, I have explained all the concepts in very easy language so that everyone can understand them.

You will learn how to analyse each company and each stock fundamentally and financially. You will be able to assess the future scope of companies so that you can take the right decision and select the right stocks for your Multibagger Stock Portfolio. 

The entire course is in very easy language and very descriptive.

You can have the course lifelong with you with a minimal annual maintenance charge which will be applicable after 1 year of your joining the course.

Join Value Investing Course today, and become a Master of Your Destiny….

Key Features of the Course:

  1. Single course covering everything about Value Investing and Fundamental Analysis
  2. 16 Modules
  3. More than 80 topics
  4. Lesson on Penny Stock Selection
  5. 32 Video Lessons
  6. Detailed index will be provided about content in each video so that students know what is covered in each video
  7.  Self-assessment test of 250 MCQs
  8.  Course is structured strictly according to the educational guidelines of SEBI
  9. Actual method of Multibagger Stock Selection explained.
  10. Perfect combination of theoretical and practical knowledge
  11. After studying the entire course, students will actually be able to select good multibagger stocks
  12. Anyone can understand this course even if not from finance background.
  13. Ideal course for beginners as well as experienced investors and traders.
  14. Validity – 1 year

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Introduction
Stock Market Course Module 1 _ Value Investing Course Module 1 (33:00)
Module 1 Notes (11 pages)
Module 2: Equity and Debt Securities
MODULE 2 Notes (21 pages)
Module 3: Primary Markets
Module 3 - PRIMARY MARKETS (59:00)
Module 3 Notes (16 pages)
Module 4: Secondary Markets
Module 4 Secondary Markets (22:00)
Module 4 Notes (16 pages)
Module 5: Investment Strategy
Module 5 - INVESTMENT STRATEGY (1080p) (38:00)
Module 05 - Notes (15 pages)
Module 6: Mutual Funds
Module 6 - MUTUAL FUNDS (55:00)
Module-06 Notes (18 pages)
Module 7: Introduction to Stock Market Research
Module 7 - Introduction to Research (1080p) (42:00)
MODULE -7 Notes (7 pages)
Module 8: Economic Analysis
Module 8_ ECONOMIC ANALYSIS (1080p) (37:00)
MODULE 08 Notes (10 pages)
Module 9: Industry Analysis
Part 1: Porter's 5 Force Analysis
Module 9 (Industry Analysis) Part 1_ Porter's 5 Force Analysis (720p) (39:00)
Module 9 (Part 1) Notes (12 pages)
Part 2: PESTLE Analysis
Module 9_ Part 2 - PESTLE ANALYSIS (720p) (28:00)
MODULE 09 PART 2 Notes (4 pages)
Part 3: BCG Analysis
Module 9 Part 3 INDUSTRY ANALYSIS SONTINUED (24:00) Preview
MODULE 9 PART 3 Notes (7 pages)
Part 4: SCP Analysis, Industry Drivers, Regulatory Framework
Module 9 Part 4_ SCP Analysis, Industry Drivers, Regulatory Framework (720p) (25:00)
Module 9 Part 4 Notes (4 pages)
Module 10: Company Analysis (Qualitative)
Part 1
Part 1 (26:00)
Part 2
Part 2 (25:00)
Module- 10 Notes (15 pages)
Module 11: Company Analysis - QUANTITATIVE
Part 1: Profit/Loss Statement
Module 11 Part 1 (29:00)
Part 2: Balance Sheet
Module 11 Part 2: BALANCE SHEET (23:00)
Part 3: Cash Flow Statements
Module 11 Part 3 CASH FLOWS (19:00)
Part 4: Contingent Liabilities
Part 5: Profitability Ratios
Part 6: Return Ratios
Part 7: Leverage Ratios
Module 11 Part 7 LEVERAGE RATIOS (11:00)
Part 8: Liquidity Ratios
Module 11 PArt 8 (9:00)
Part 9: Efficiency Ratios
Module 11 Part 9 (11:00)
Part 10: Conclusion
Module 11 Part 10 (12:00)
Module 11 Notes (27 pages)
Module 12: Understanding Valuations
Part 1: Discounted Cash Flow Analysis
Module 12 Part 1 (29:00)
Part 2: Valuations
Module 12 Part 2 (40:00)
Module- 12 Notes (16 pages)
Module 13: Risk and Return
Part 1: Return on Investment
Module 13 Part 1 (17:00)
Part 2: Risk in Investments
Module 13 Part 2 (20:00)
Part 3: Behavioral/Investor Bias
Module 13 Part 3 (14:00)
Module- 13 Notes (17 pages)
Module 14: Penny Stock Selection
Penny Stock Selection (14:00)
PENNY STOCK (7 pages)
Module 15: Commodity Markets
Commodity Trading (19:00)
Module 16: Portfolio Design
Portfolio Design (16:00)

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