My Swing/Positional Investments

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Instructors: Dr. Raghav Kumar

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Why this course?


This course is designed so that you can follow my Swing/Postional Investments and learn from it.

Every month I will be posting 1 Stock Report (for educational purpose only)  in this course. 

This report will be about my swing/positional investment every month. In this I will share my investment in a new stock every month. I will discuss in detail the research report and targets of this stock. This will help you understand and learn how I select my stocks for swing/positional investments/trades. 

My First Target is ~30% profit and Second Target is ~50% profit. 

All the content will be available to you under the section 'My Course' after you join. 

You can cancel anytime. 

Please Note: All content will be for educational purposes only.

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Course Curriculum

March 2022 Stock of the Month
March 2022 Stock of the Month - Premier Polyfilm Ltd (9 pages)
April 2022 My Stock Report of the Month
APRIL 2022 My Stock Report of the Month (13 pages)

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