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Greetings from Raghav Value Investing.

Please relax for 5 minutes and read this.

I have the following 2 Workshops for you so that you can connect with My Portfolio:



Please read the following carefully:

1. In both these WORKSHOPS, all the stock-reports that I share with you will be my fresh investments. For each stock I follow two targets –

  • My Target 1: 3x (3 times)
  • My Target 2: 10x-15x (10 to 15 times)
  • My Holding Period for each stock: 3-5 years

2. All the stocks selected are purely multibagger stocks. By definition multibagger stocks are those stocks that have potential to at least double from the current levels within a few years. But in practice I try to select those stocks that have the potential to grow 10-15 times from their present value. All my stock selections are purely research based.

3.I do not use stop loss in any of my stocks. If I take any action in any of the stocks then I will inform you by WhatsApp to keep you up-to-date.

4. There can be no guarantee of returns in stock markets with regard to percentage returns or time frame. Patiently holding fundamentally strong companies is the only way to create wealth. 

Please note that the stocks I share with you are from my portfolio and are within a good buying range as per my research. 

5. My average holding period of all the stocks will be 3-5 years. So, we need to be patient and avoid looking at the price of the stocks daily. In any case I will be following the prices and will keep updating you of the progress about the price and when I am booking profits.

6. You can always ask your doubts about the stocks, companies and my research reports shared by me through WhatsApp.

7. I will not be able to advise you about stocks currently in your portfolio. 

8. I am NISM Certified Investment Adviser and NISM Certified Research Analyst. I am not SEBI registered.

9. The stock reports that I share with you are either from my portfolio or of the stocks that I have researched and believe will multiply at least 10-20 times in the next 5 years. These reports and other details are for educational purposes only and should not be considered as an investment advise.

10. As I am NISM Certified Research Analyst, I keep preparing research reports of potentially multibagger stocks for my personal investments and for educating other investors. This research helps me to improve my stock-selection skills. I hope that joining me will also help you to learn about the stock markets.


5-Stock-Report Workshop: ₹25000 (Rupees Twenty-Five Thousand, one-time charge, non-refundable) for total of 5 stock reports (as per conditions mentioned above in points 1 to 10). I will keep informing you about my actions in these 5 stocks till I achieve my targets.

1-Year 25 Stock-Report Workshop: ₹100000 (Rupees One Lakh, one-time charge, non-refundable) for 1 year (total of around 25 stock-reports in one year as per conditions mentioned above in points 1 to 10). I will keep informing you about my actions in these stocks till I achieve my targets.


Looking forward to a long-term association with you.


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After you join my Workshops, all the communication will be directly between you and me and my core team on WhatsApp and phone.

Your joining in any of the above WORKSHOPS means you have read, understood and accepted the information provided here.


Looking forward to working with you for the long term.


Dr.Raghav Kumar

NISM Certified Investment Adviser

NISM Certified Research Analyst

NISM Certified Mutual Fund Distributor


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